The reorientation of agriculture towards improved ecological practices, the economic viability of rural areas and their contribution to sustainable development set new issues for policy making as well as research. RURAGRI explores emerging topics for research and aims to initiate research not yet envisaged in the field of agriculture and sustainable development in the context of rural development.

Agricultural research has to be integrated with research on other land use sectors to fully cover territorial processes and rural areas in their environmental, social and economic interactions. The geographic, economic and human dynamics of rural areas is increasingly influenced by urban development. Therefore, the strong urban movement leads to increased requirement for improved connectivity between urban and rural areas throughout Europe.

To improve coordination of research in the field of agriculture, rural development and sustainable development, the ERA-Net members will:

  • Map existing research programs in these scientific fields, characterise their main features and identify key differences
  • Elaborate a common research agenda and identify potential synergies between consortium partner countries to improve their research capacity
  • Implement joint activities for selected research programs
  • Establish appropriate governance and financial mechanisms which would enhance the initiation and implementation of a common research programme


Egizio Valceschini
Phone: +33 14 2759580
Email: egizio.valceschini@paris.inra.fr

Deputy Coordinator

Frank Dreger
Phone: +49 30 20199 3116
Email: f.dreger@fz-juelich.de

Project Office

Alexis Raftis
Phone: +33 14 2759130
Email: Alexis.Raftis@paris.inra.fr

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