Structure of workpackages

The work within the ERA-NET RURAGRI is split up into five different workpackages (WP):

WP 1: Project coordination, management, communication and follow-up strategy

The main objective of WP 1 is to provide support to organisation, coordination and management of RURAGRI. WP1 is also in charge of the communication of the progress of the ERA-NET and of the dissemination of project outputs. WP 1 will elaborate the follow-up strategy of the ERA-Net in interaction with the Steering Committee, in order to promote and implement its action.

WP 2: Mapping of existing research and information exchange

The objective of WP 2 is to evaluate and analyse existing research. WP2 is aiming for a better mutual understanding of how national programmes which are dealing with “European rural areas in a context of increasing urbanisation, new challenges and opportunities for European agriculture, and/or policies and governance facing sustainability” are structured, financed and managed. It will scope RURAGRI and will form the basis for long term cooperation.

WP 3: Elaboration of a strategic trans-national research agenda

The objective of WP 3 is to elaborate a strategic trans-national research agenda that will enhance future joint activities and trans-national research cooperation. It will use the results of WP 2 and compare it to foresight analyses and other studies on agriculture and rural development research. It will identify opportunities and common instruments for future cooperation and agricultural research coordination activities. It will develop a common research agenda based on priorities shared between the partners.

WP 4: Implementation of joint activities

The objective of WP4 is to prepare research actors at all levels and involve high level research teams to answer trans-national calls for proposals, in order to conduct research on the core of RURAGRI: understanding the new relation-ships between rural areas and agriculture to face sustainability. It will develop a joint action plan dealing with the new opportunities and gaps, training activities and joint networks of excellence. WP4 will define the enabling conditions for the implementation of joint activities and organise their actual implementation.

WP 5: Development and funding of joint trans-national research programme

WP5 aims to develop the mechanisms needed to enable the joint funding of a trans-national research programme dealing with the understanding the new relation-ships between rural areas and agriculture to face sustainability. It aims to implement, evaluate and further refine the cooperation mechanisms developed in WP 4 and use them in the preparation of jointly funded trans-national research activities by focusing on a trans-national call addressing the new challenges of agriculture in a changing rural context and the policy and governance issues to address them.


The leaders and deputy leaders of the workpackages are shown in the following table:


  WP 1 WP 2 WP 3 WP 4 WP 5
Leader France Netherlands Sweden Ireland Austria
Deputy Germany Poland Switzerland Spain Slovenia



The following graph shows the course of the five different workpackages:

 The graph shows the timing of the different workpackages in RURAGRI


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Frank Dreger
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Project Office

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