Management structures and procedure

The ERA-NET project RURAGRI is executed under the overall responsibility of a Steering Committee (SC). The coordinator, the work package leaders and deputy leaders form a Management Committee (MC), which will be responsible for the implementation of work approved by the Steering Committee.

The general structure of the organisation of RURAGRI is shown in this graph: 


Management structures


The Steering Committee

The Steering Committee (SC) is composed of one representative of each RURAGRI participant country. The SC is the highest decision making body which will survey the development of the ERA-NET. The SC is responsible for strategic decisions  regarding the implementation of future steps, including the dialogue with stakeholders.

The Management Committee

The Management Committee (MC) is composed of the coordinator (chairman), the work package leaders and deputy leaders. The MC is in charge of the overall management of the ERA-NET. It is responsible for the implementation of the decisions of the SC.

Chair of the Steering Committee

Hayo Haanstra
Phone: +31 70 3784905


Egizio Valceschini
Phone: +33 14 2759580

Deputy Coordinator

Frank Dreger
Phone: +49 30 20199 3116

Project Office

Alexis Raftis
Phone: +33 14 2759130