WP 1: Project coordination, management, communication and follow-up strategy

The main objective of WP 1 is to provide support to organisation, coordination and management of RURAGRI. WP1 is also in charge of the communication of the progress of the ERA-NET and of the dissemination of project outputs. WP 1 will elaborate the follow-up strategy of the ERA-Net in interaction with the Steering Committee, in order to promote and implement its action.


  • Planning, organisation and reporting of the Steering Committee Meetings
  • Planning, organisation and reporting of the Management Committee Meetings
  • Coordination of the technical activities of the project
    Project adminsitration
  • Knowledge management, communication and dissemination
    Follow-up strategy

Workpackage lead:

Egizio Valceschini
Phone: +33 14 2759580
Email: egizio.valceschini@paris.inra.fr

Frank Dreger
Phone: +49 30 20199 3116
Email: f.dreger@fz-juelich.de