WP 2: Mapping of existing research and information exchange

The objective of WP 2 is to evaluate and analyse existing research. WP2 is aiming for a better mutual understanding of how national programmes which are dealing with “European rural areas in a context of increasing urbanisation, new challenges and opportunities for European agriculture, and/or policies and governance facing sustainability” are structured, financed and managed. It will scope RURAGRI and will form the basis for long term cooperation.


  • Initial spotting of the relevant directions of the mapping
  • Elaboration and test of a questionaire
  • Mapping of exisitng research in Europe
    Inventory of agricultural, rural development and environmental policy priorities
  • Analysis of data gathered
  • Network co-ordination activities and support to the consortium management

Workpackage lead

Floor Brouwer (LEI-WUR, NL)
Phone: +31 703358127
Email: floor.brouwer@wur.nl

Lidia Sas-Paszt (ISK, PL)
Phone: +48 46 8345235
Email: lidia.sas-paszt@insad.pl