WP 3: Elaboration of a strategic trans-national research agenda

The objective of WP 3 is to elaborate a strategic trans-national research agenda that will enhance future joint activities and trans-national research cooperation. It will use the results of WP 2 and compare it to foresight analyses and other studies on agriculture and rural development research. It will identify opportunities and common instruments for future cooperation and agricultural research coordination activities. It will develop a common research agenda based on priorities shared between the partners.


  • Identification of medium to long-term needs in terms of research on the new relationships between rural areas andagriculture in Europe
  • Identification of barriers that hinder cooperation and enhancement of cooperation with a guide for best practices
  • Identification of programs which can benefit the most from joint and trans-national activities
  • Development of instruments, mechanisms and processes needed to enable joint trans-national activities
  • Elaboration of a European common research agenda on the stakes of sustainability and the new challenges faced by agriculture in a changing rural context
  • Coordination and management of Work package 3

Workpackage lead

Bengt Olsson (FORMAS, SE)
Phone: +46 8 7754023
Email: BengtH.Olsson@formas.se 

Markus Loetscher (FOAG, CH)
Phone: +41 3132 56085
Email: markus.loetscher@blw.admin.ch