WP 5: Development and funding of joint trans-national research programme

WP 5 aims to develop the mechanisms needed to enable the joint funding of a trans-national research programme dealing with the understanding of new relation-ships between rural areas and agriculture to face sustainability.

WP 5 aims to implement, evaluate and further refine the cooperation mechanisms developed in WP 4 and use them in the preparation of jointly funded trans-national research activities by focusing on a trans-national call addressing the new challenges of agriculture in a changing rural context and the policy and governance issues to address them.


  • Elaboration of a transnational call
  • Setting-up of the trans-national call management
  • Establishment of the evaluation and selection procedure
  • Implementation of the trans-national call
    Evaluation of the procedures applied in the trans-national call
  • Network co-ordination activities and support to the consortium management

Workpackage lead

Elfriede Fuhrmann
Phone: +43 17 1100 6817
Email: elfriede.fuhrmann@

Erika Glasencnik (MHEST, SI)
Phone: +386 14 784619
Email: Erika.Glasencnik@gov.si